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Repair Damaged Vision with Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses are also known as stenopeic glasses, which come from the Greek words for "little opening". When you choose to wear the standard issue prescription glasses, you fall into a routine where you no longer use the focusing muscles in your eyes to their fullest capacity and they become lazy. Your glasses and contact lenses merely become used as a crutch and do not address the real problem.

Once your eyes get used to seeing through prescription glasses or contacts the ciliary muscle becomes weaker and weaker. This resulting damage requires frequent trips to your eye doctor for stronger and stronger glasses. You can reverse this trend, however, and begin to repair the damage your glasses or contacts have already done with Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Protection for eyes from glare can be traced back to prehistoric time. Some contraptions were made of bone, wood or even animal hide. They were made with slices in them to keep the glare of the sun out of the eyes. Strips of hide or string were used to tie these around the head. Today a more scientific version of these glare interceptor devises have been invented. These are known as Stenopeic (multiple-pinhole) spectacles. WIth these eyeglasses, 7 rows of pin-holes of a certain size and space are placed in a plastic opaque material.

After numerous tests and experiments, Ray Ban Sunglasses were found to be valuable in specific cases of damaged vision. A few examples in which Ray Ban Sunglasses have been used with great outcomes are as follows:

Ray Ban Sunglasses are a good tool if you are looking to reduce visual stress from prolonged work at a computer. Many people with cataracts have noticed they see significantly better with the use of Ray Ban Sunglasses. Studies have shown the Ray Ban Sunglasses have been used as a tool to aid in Myopia prevention.

Further advantages of Ray Ban Sunglasses include that Ray Ban Sunglasses do not have to be cleaned of fingerprints the way standard glasses do. You will find that Ray Ban Sunglasses are considerably cheaper than individual prescription glasses. Well, we can all use a little savings these days.


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